Books and articles

Guilt, Responsibility and Denial: The Past at Stake in Post-Milošević Serbia. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013.

Kultura vlasti u Srbiji (translation of Culture of Power by Biljana Lukić). Samizdat B-92, 2001

The Culture of Power in Serbia: Nationalism and the Destruction of Alternatives. Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999.

“Outlook: On the Current and Future Research Agenda for Southeast Europe” in Florian Bieber (ed.), Debating the End of Yugoslavia.  Ashgate. Forthcoming

“Hard Lines and Soft Borders: The Prospects for Regionalism in the Kosovo Borderlands”. In Christophe Solioz and Paul Stubbs (eds.), Towards Open Regionalism in South East Europe. Nomos, 2011.

“Coming to Terms With the Past: Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in the Post-Yugoslav Lands” (with Jasna Dragović – Soso). in Dejan Djokić and James Ker-Lindsay (eds.), New Perspectives on Yugoslavia: Key Issues and Controversies. Routledge, 2010

“Jedno sasvim lično sećanje na hladni rat, Jugoslaviju i jeftino (ali dobro) vino“. in Ivan Čolović (ed.), Zid je mrtav, živeli zidovi!: Pad Berlinskog zida i raspad Jugoslavije. XX. vek, 2009

“Confronting the Past in Serbia: Obstacles and Opportunities”. in Wolfgang Petritsch, Goran Svilanović and Christophe Solioz (eds.), Serbia Matters:Domestic Reforms and European Integration. Nomos, 2009

“Suočavanje s prošlošću u Srbiji: Prepreke i prilike”. in Volfgang Petrič, Goran Svilanović and Kristof Solioz (eds.), Srbija je važna: Unutrašnje reforme I evropske integracije. Samizdat B92, 2009

“Afterword” to Nikola Božilović, Izvan glavnoga toka: Sociologija muzičkih potkultura. Niški kulturni centar, 2009

“Ugliness and Distance”. in Adam Jones (ed.), Evoking Genocide: Researchers and Activists Describe the Works of Art that Shaped Them. Key Publishing,2009

“Destruction of the Yugoslav Federation: Policy or Confluence of Tactics?”. in Lenard Cohen and Jasna Dragović-Soso (eds.), State Collapse in Southeast Europe: New Perspectives on Yugoslavia’s Disintegration. Purdue University Press, 2008

“Postwar Guilt and Responsibility in Serbia: The Effort to Confront It and the Effort to Avoid It”. in S.P. Ramet and V. Pavlaković (eds.), Serbia Since 1989: Politics and Society Under Milošević and After. University of Washington Press, 2006

“What Does it Mean to Break With the Past?”. in Florian Bieber and Carsten Wieland (eds.), Facing the Past, Facing the Future: Confronting Ethnicity and Conflict in Bosnia and Former Yugoslavia. Angelo Longo Editore and Istituto per l’Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica, 2005

“Human Rights and Transitional Justice”. syllabus in collection edited by Joyce A. Apsel, Teaching About Human Rights. American Sociological Association, 2005

“Turbo-folk u sjaju devedesetih” (“Turbo-folk in the light of the Nineties”). in Vladimir Djurić and Goran Tarlač (eds.), Pesme iz stomaka naroda: Antologija o turbo-folku. Studentski kulturni centar, 2002


“The Blaškić Trial: Politics, the Control of Information and Command Responsibility”.   Southeast Europe. 36:1, 2012

“Justice Outside of the Courtroom: Engaging Society in Understanding the Past”. Forum za tranzicionu pravdu – Forum for transitional justice Forthcoming, 2011

“A Response to the Interview with Mr. Renzo Daviddi, Head of the European Commission Liasion Office in Pristina”. Southeast Europe 35:1, 2010.

“Reflecting on The Culture of Power, Ten Years On”. Facta Universitatis 4:1, 2006.

“War Crimes, Organized Crime, and Trust in Institutions”. Problems of Post-Communism 51:3, 2004.

“Turbaši i rokeri kao prozori u socijalnu podjelu Srbije“. Europski glasnik – The European Messenger – Le Messager européen issue 9, 2004.

“The Milošević Trial, Justice and Reconciliation”. SSRC Global Security and Cooperation Quarterly 8, 2003.

“Rating the Sloba Show: Is the ICTY’s Leading Trial Advancing Justice?” Problems of Post-Communism 50:3, 2003.

“Accounting for a Violent Past, by Means Other than Legal”. Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 3:1, 2003.

“Serbia’s Bulldozer Revolution: Conditions and Prospects”. Southeast European Politics 1:2, 2000.

“Rokeri and Turbaši as Windows Into Serbia’s Social Divide”. Balkanologie 4:1, 2000.

“Human Rights and the War in Kosovo”. Human Rights Review 1:2, 2000.

“Investigating the Destruction of Alternatives: Everyday Life in Belgrade”. Problems of Post-Communism 44:4, 1997.

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