News and comment


  • 6yka: Political and cultural magazine from Banja Luka, brings together some of the best writers.
  • Deutsche Welle: Daily news and often a decent analytical piece.
  • E-Balkan: Regional and cultural focus, a lot of NGO stuff but also a little bit of nice sensationalism.
  • E-novine: Edited by Petar Luković, who has brought together writers who have left many of the best publications in the region. Radi dobrobita novinarstva, bilo bi poželjno da se što pre posvađa s Vučićem.
  • Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso: Journalism with a bit of an ethnographic flavour.
  • Slobodna Evropa: Daily news, but it is the dossiers, interviews and weekly features that make it stand out.
  • Tačno: Mostly essays and opinion from around the region, published by the “Centre for Critical Thought”.


  • Dnevni Avaz: Populist daily paper from a big corporate publisher.
  • Dani: The legendary magazine, sadly for the most part behind a paywall.
  • Glas Srpske: The title says it all.
  • Nezavisne novine: Independent paper from Banja Luka covering all of BH.
  • Oslobođenje: Staying true to its roots since they were pulled out.
  • Radio Sarajevo: News, essays, blogs and “dno dna”.
  • Sarajevo-X: The original news and opinion portal.
  • Slobodna Bosna: Solid weekly, sadly hides behind a paywall.


  • Drugačije: Often an interesting essay, sure wish they had more than three on the front page.
  • H-Alter: For the “Hrvacka alternativa”.
  • Index: Your portal for all kinds of stories, whether you wanted them or not.
  • Jutarnji List: The daily paper for the morning, when you are still feeling optimistic.
  • Nacional: Yes, it is behind a paywall, but no, you don’t mind. Now it no longer exists, so you mind even less.
  • Novi List: More of this should not be behind a paywall.
  • Novosti: It really just keeps getting better.
  • Slobodna Dalmacija: It’s an institution. Isn’t that enough?
  • Tportal: Quickly gathering together many of the best columnists.
  • Večernji List: The daily paper for the evening, when your hopes have been crushed.
  • Zagrebancija: Great title! Also, great title.




  • Dan: Do you like sensationalism? Me too, also they have a section on “lov and ribolov”.
  • Monitor: Independent magazine, often provocative.
  • Pobjeda: The traditional daily.
  • Vijesti: The portal is getting to be a little bit ambitious.


  • B92: Remember when they were independent and courageous?
  • Blic: In between the features on celebrities, frequently a good news story.
  • Danas: La lotta continua.
  • NIN: At one time it was edited by Frane Barbieri, but that was a long time ago.
  • Novi Magazin: It’s new.
  • NSPM: Don’t even get me started.
  • Peščanik: The weekly radio broadcast has become a portal for good essays.
  • Politika: According to, “still the oldest daily paper”.
  • Večernje Novosti: The Velvet Underground of dubious tabloids.
  • Vreme: Like the weather, sometimes it is good.



5 thoughts on “News and comment

  1. You might want to add Kosovo 2.0 to the list. A print publication and webzine by and for Kosovo’s youth.

    • Thanks, Duco. I will be adding to and revising this list soon, and also trying to include as many English-language sources as I can. Suggestions are always welcome. As you can see, the site has not had too many revisions or updates lately, I have just been too busy!

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