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  • Al Jazeera Balkans: Very good at poaching the best columnists from other publications. Published in the local language(s).
  • Anadolu news agency: Coverage of the region from the state-owned Turkish news agency (often of decent quality in spite of this). In the upper right there is a language choice button.
  • Balkanbiro: Reporting and analysis covering the region, in German.
  • BBC Serbian: Sort of like BBC, but in Serbian, and without quite so much Farage.
  • 6yka: Political and cultural magazine from Banja Luka, brings together some of the best writers. Published in a variety of the official languages of Bosnia and Hercegovina.
  • Deutsche Welle: Daily news and often a decent analytical piece. Press the “DW in 30 languages” button at the top for a choice of languages, one of which you are bound to like.
  • Kontrapress: “We do not poison you with celebrities, sports, crime stories, entertainment and other commercial garbage.”
  • Le Monde Diplomatique: The regional edition of the publication you all know and love.
  • N1: Television station with separate news pages dedicated to Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Hercegovina. Probably the best place to go when you want live coverage of something.
  • Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso: Journalism with a bit of an ethnographic flavour. Articles in English, Italian, and Polycentric.
  • Remarker: Emphasis on interviews related to politics, philosophy, and culture.
  • Slobodna Evropa: Daily news, but it is the dossiers, interviews and weekly features that make it stand out. There is an English-language edition at this site.
  • Tačno: Mostly essays and opinion from around the region, published by the “Centre for Critical Thought”. There is a selection of translations at their English language site.


  • BH Magazin: “The smarter people have deferred long enough!”
  • Depo Portal: A depot of a portal.
  • Dnevni Avaz: Populist daily paper from a big corporate publisher. The publisher puts out other publications, including BiH beekeeper.
  • Dnevni List: The title means “daily paper,” and that is indeed what it is.
  • Frontal: The blogs are the best feature.
  • Glas Srpske: The title says it all. A fun place to follow innovations in the transliteralization of non-regional personal names (on the day this page was updated they had stories about Џесика Алба and Кортни Кардашијан).
  • Klix: This used to be called Sarajevo-X and was one of the first BiH original news and opinion portals. They changed their name to Klix, in a tale that should be a cautionary example to anybody thinking of listening to a market consultancy.
  • Nezavisne novine: The name means Independent paper. No, really, it does. That is a literal translation. From Banja Luka covering all of BH.
  • Novo vrijeme: News portal with a positive attitude.
  • Oslobođenje: Staying true to its roots since they were pulled out. It has a great history, but now it is owned by a brewery and a tobacco company. They have a short English language selection of daily articles published as Daily news.
  • Poskok: Just in case you were not certain about their political orientation, they named themselves after a snake.
  • Radio Sarajevo: News, essays, blogs and “dno dna”. The radio station with which they are affiliated is definitely not one of the worst, and it has a live stream on the page.
  • Slobodna Bosna: A combination of news and analysis, probably one of the more exhaustive and better quality general news sites in BiH.


  • The equivalent of those free papers that they pass out at train stations, and equally well suited to lighting a barbecue.
  • Dnevnik: A news portal very much like other news portals.
  • Do you like polemics? Yes, you like polemics.
  • H-Alter: For the “Hrvacka alternativa”.
  • Index: Your portal for all kinds of stories, whether you wanted them or not.
  • Jutarnji List: The daily paper for the morning, when you are still feeling optimistic. Also publishes the magazine Globus.
  • Kulturpunkt: News, articles and announcements about (you guessed right) culture.
  • Libela: All about gender and democracy.
  • Lupiga: News, arguments, and more arguments, with the accent on culture.
  • MAZ: News and a little bit of opinion from the Antifascist Network of Zagreb.
  • Nacional: Yes, it is behind a paywall, but no, you don’t mind. Now it no longer exists, so you mind even less.
  • A little bit of everything. No, a lot of everything. Highly recommended to people who like entertainment news and popup ads.
  • Novi List: Sometimes this is an independent paper from Rijeka.
  • Novosti: It really just keeps getting better. Do not confuse this with any other publication that goes by the name of Novosti, that way lies perdition.
  • P-portal: I don’t know, maybe read this if the page of Novosti crashes?
  • Slobodna Dalmacija: It’s an institution. Isn’t that enough?
  • Slobodni filozofski: The rebellious students of the Faculty of Philosophy want you to know some things.
  • Tportal: Quickly gathering together many of the best columnists.
  • Večernji List: The daily paper for the evening, when your hopes have been crushed.
  • Zagrebancija: Great title! Also, great title.



  • Fokus: Not ficus.
  • Kajgana: How can you fail to read a news site with a title like “scrambled eggs”?
  • Koha: News and other things in Albanian language.
  • Libertas: Political news and a wide selection of dessert recipes.
  • Makfax News Agency: Be cautious.
  • MIA: The state news agency. has nothing to do with the popular musician of the same name.
  • MKD: General portal with all kinds of stuff.
  • Net Press: An online only news agency.
  • Nova Makedonija: The first Macedonian daily newspaper, they say.
  • Nova TV: Comprehensive regional news portal, also with TV.
  • Reporter: Find out what the regional celebrities are up to.
  • Republika: News and opinion.
  • Sitel: News site of the television station.
  • Sloboden Pečat: A reasonably good daily paper.
  • Standard: It’s standard.
  • Telma: And where is Louise?
  • Time: A frequently updated aggregator with items from all major local and national Macedonian sites.
  • Večer: Good evening.


  • Dan: Do you like sensationalism? Me too, also they have a section on “lov and ribolov”.
  • Monitor: Independent magazine, often provocative.
  • Montenegrina: Culture and art in Montenegro. Also provides an English language site.
  • Pobjeda: The traditional daily.
  • Pod lupom: “Under the magnifying glass,” an investigative journalism portal. Includes a (very useful!) English language section.
  • Vijesti: The portal is getting to be a little bit ambitious.


  • B92: I am old enough to remember when they were independent and courageous. But I am very old. At least they are frequently updated. They also have an English language site.
  • Blic: In between the features on celebrities, occasionally a good news story. The regional champion in printing HEADLINES you will NEVER BELIEVE in ALL CAPS!!
  • CINS: The Centre for Investigative Journalism. Also has an English language site.
  • Danas: An independent paper despite the occasional lapse here and there. La lotta continua.
  • Informer: Start every day with an enemies list!
  • Insajder: Longish-form journalism with a refined taste for stories on corruption and press freedom.
  • KRIK: Your source for corruption news. Also in English, even if corruption is the universal language.
  • Kurir: The bad boy of sensationalist tabloids, it shifted its political orientation but kept the same aesthetic.
  • Nedeljnik: Your standard cheesy weekly news magazine.
  • NIN: At one time it was edited by Frane Barbieri, but that was a long time ago.
  • Noizz: Mostly entertainment stuff but here and there they will surprise you, pleasantly.
  • Novi Magazin: It’s new. It has an English language site, which appears to have been last updated in 2016.
  • NSPM: Answers the eternal question, “what do you do if you have a doctorate but are not a good scholar?”
  • Peščanik: The weekly radio broadcast has become a portal for good essays, a selection of which are also available in English.
  • Politika: According to, “still the oldest daily paper”. A tendentious selection of news articles and opinion essays covering the field from far right to extreme right.
  • Večernje Novosti: The Velvet Underground of dubious tabloids — everyone who has ever read it has started one of their own. Other ones may be wilder, but they were demanding that Trieste be invaded before you were even born.
  • Vice Serbia: Regional branch of the international grab bag magazine. The quality is often better than you expect.
  • Vreme: A weekly news magazine. Like the weather, sometimes it is good.
  • Beta news agency: It is a news agency, bless its little heart.
  • Tanjug: Once the Yugoslav state news agency, it persists on existing in zombie form under dubious legal and ownership conditions. A good source of press releases from ruling and other far right parties. Includes an English language site.


  • Balkan Insight: News, features, commentary and interviews. Several special topical sections. Likes to hide its best stuff behind paywalls.
  • B92 English: Like B92, for better or worse, but in English
  • Pointpulse: Regional site on police integrity and trust.
  • Total Croatia News: Emphasis on, you guessed, Croatia. A bunch of tourism stuff, but lately more journalism.

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You might want to add Kosovo 2.0 to the list. A print publication and webzine by and for Kosovo’s youth.

Thanks, Duco. I will be adding to and revising this list soon, and also trying to include as many English-language sources as I can. Suggestions are always welcome. As you can see, the site has not had too many revisions or updates lately, I have just been too busy!

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