About the blog

This site has a few purposes.

One of them is to be a source of news and commentary on “the region”, as it is called. I suppose there are quite a few of these already, and some of them are good. This one is especially directed to English-language readers, since most of what is available is in the languages of the region. I will also flatter myself by saying that this one offers a perspective that is at least a little bit unique.

The second purpose is, through the links pages, to develop a portal to the media and cultural resources of the region. This changes rapidly — very often for the better — and I will do as well as I can to keep track and keep people informed.

The third is to let people know about academic and cultural events related to the region in London and elsewhere. There has been a tremendous expansion of serious and creative activity in the past few years, but as far as I know there is no place where information is available about (nearly) all of them.

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