Funding and calls

Note: This section has not been updated for a while but there are regular updates at our Facebook group, join if you want them!


Internship at the International Centre for Black Sea Studies: Social and political sciences, requires English and (at least) one language of the region. Located in Athens.  Application available online, deadline 29 February 2012.

Sotirov visiting fellowship at LSE: History and international affairs of the Balkans, emphasis on Bulgaria. Deadline 15 February.

Postdoctoral fellowship at SSEES: Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship. Applications by 19 February.

Call for papers: Narodna umjetnost, proposals by 1 July 2012.

Spaces of Reckoning: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Conflict and Memory: Call for participants for conference at University of Westminster, 3 December 2011. Abstracts by 10 November, addresses at the site.

SSRC Dissertation and Post-Doc Awards: For the Eurasia Program. Open only to US citizens and residents. Deadline 15 November 2011.

Regional Research Promotion Programme for the Western Balkans: Call for regional projects.

International Journal of Political Anthropology: Call for papers for a collection on the political anthropology of beauty. This ought to suit readers of this site, no?

European Cultural Foundation: Collaboration grants independent cultural organisations working together across borders and disciplines. Deadline 1 September 2011

People, send me calls for participation that you want posted!!!!!

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