Comments policy

Comments are moderated on this blog. While I have a strong inclination against suppressing discussion or deleting contributions, I want to be certain that discussion is relevant and substantive (or at least amusing).

Just like in the non-electronic world, people are welcome to agree or disagree with me as they wish. That is not a standard for approving or rejecting a comment. But whichever one of these a commenter is doing, I will be especially happy to see:

  1. Comments that contribute something to the discussion and move it forward.
  2. Pointers to new and additional information on the topic being discussed (but please no cut and paste of large blocks of text, links will do the job).
  3. Wonderful displays of rhetorical style, brilliance or humour.

There are also some types of comments that will simply be deleted if they are submitted. These will be comments that include:

  1. Attacks against any person or group.
  2. Vulgarity or obscenity beyond the level found in an ordinary drinking establishment.
  3. Repetitive, redundant or off-topic arguments, especially if they give inaccurate information or detract from discussion.
  4. Comments that state a political position without argument, humour or style.
  5. Posting of material to which a commenter does not have author’s rights.
  6. Advertising, spam, or irrelevant comments.

I will not enter into debates with commenters about why comments were or were not approved. In the final instance this is my private site, which I operate as a hobby — I spend no money on it, make no money from it, and do it because it amuses me. If anybody finds that their comments are rejected consistently, they might draw a reasonable conclusion and comment somewhere else instead or start up their own site.


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