Wolves at the door, if there were a door

Hooray for manipulation of terrible stories of the suffering of children! Have you heard of young Anđela (8), Miljan (9) and Marko (10)? Well, according to the long-ago respected former B92, twice a day to attend school they have to go “alone with no protection” for “two or three hours” through surrounding forests “full of bloodthirsty animals like wolves”. And there is no question of failing to arrive on time, since “they are the only students there”.

Eh, they have luckier neighbours, Danijel and Stefan. Those lads only have to go along 15km of goat paths to an unlighted mud school, but “when the weather is nice their father takes them by motorcycle”. What is there to be expected of the father when the weather is unpleasant?

The nature of the problem? They are in villages near the “administrative line” (this is a very special type of line) with Kosovo. Unnamed sources appear to have counted the number of wolves in the area (about 200), but otherwise the line, although it is administrative, seems to remain quite unadministered. Unless you calculate the predictable reaction to stories like this, which would seem to be very elaborately administered.