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Miki and Kiki: an epistolary novel

Miki and Kiki: an epistolary novel

If you read this blog, then you already know about the interesting post-election political developments in Croatia. Following on a result that saw the two largest parties more or less tied, with a surprisingly large vote going to a protest party composed of dilettantes and small-scale egomaniacs, a presidential attempt to stage a coup and … Continue reading

Leaders’ Statement on Western Balkan Route

Leaders’ Meeting on the Western Balkans Route                                    Draft Leaders’ Statement   A parody version of this statement can be found here: We all have very nice countries. All of them have rivers, and some of them also have coastlines. One of the difficulties we have is that people come in and out of … Continue reading

Why I decided to stop publishing comments

Communicating with the public is a part of the academic job (increasingly, a formal part, which our managers describe with the delightfully vulgar word “impact”). And from time to time I flatter myself that I might have something original to contribute or say — although if you look at my rate of posting, months go … Continue reading