A note to commenters and noncommenters…

…and to people who are in the second group but would like to be in the first.

Most of the time this is a blog that I maintain for the entertainment of myself and my friends. But then every once in a while a post goes up that lots of people see, and then it is time to remind people of the blog’s comments policy.

Comments on this site are moderated. If you would like to know why, just have a peek at a site where comments are not moderated or are “lightly” moderated, and the reason will be glaringly obvious.

The comments policy lists three types of comments that are welcome, and six types that are likely to be deleted. Usually when a topic that attracts political contention is involved, deleted comments are deleted for negative reasons #3 and #4. There are a few people who might want to take a look at the final sentence of the comments policy.

Update: Eh, I’ve just decided to turn comments off for future posts. The quality of the material is generally low, and dealing with it takes time.

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