More limericks for Megatrend

139211_megatrend-oglas_f There was already a question about the Interior minister, but this week the story has expeanded: his academic supervisor, also the head of the university, seems to have a doctorate that nobody can find, as reported (in English, no less) by Marko Milanović and Miljana Radivojecić.



Knowledge itself is an end
on which civilisation depends;
and evidence the force
that moves forward discourse.
Alternatively, there’s Megatrend.

There’s really no purpose in crammin’
when the committee’s about to examine.
Assessment of research
can be easily purch-
-ased with cash, šljivovica or Gewürtztraminer

You could fit into a fića
all the things people can teach ya —
then drive it on home,
claim it was all your own.
Like Dr Nebojša and Dr Mića


Local government’s strategically managed,
finding it out’s not a challenge.
If you get two books, right,
that you use but don’t cite,
then look round and see whom you have damaged.

If your university is really idyllic
and oversight absent, or else imbecilic
it can cause transformations
on scholars from distant nations.
They read unknown languages, and also Cyrillic



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