A look back at 2013

Happy new year, everyone! By some measure, the ten top news stories.


  1. In Serbia, after five years of the Democratic Party trying to pretend it was just like the Serbian Radical Party and the Serbian Progressive Party trying to prove it was just like the Democratic Party, they finally traded identities.
  2. Croatia joined the EU in 2013 and showed how quickly it could integrate the European standards of 1941.
  3. ICTY overcame the barrier of distance and adopted the legal standards of the states whose behaviour provoked its founding.
  4. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the public demanded accountability, and the state and its sponsors briefly thought about it.
  5. Kosovo and Serbia sort of made an agreement and sort of held some performances that sort of looked like elections.
  6. Emirs, Strauss, Kahn and Guzenbauer, enough said?
  7. Tito attracted more attention than all the spectacles that have been dwarfing Skopje.
  8. Russia upped its game by replacing an ambassador who questions whether the people around him are Serbs with one who calls the people around him monkeys.
  9. People across the UK quivered with excitement at the prospect of lots of folks freeing up inexpensive vacation homes across Romania and Bulgaria.
  10. Everyone forgot who Željko Kerum used to be.

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